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Hilary Hahn

The Boss Babe

Columbia University alumnus; at age 16 created a tween cosmetics line that sold through at major department stores nationwide. Designer/spokesperson for Levi jeans. Fashion correspondent/producer for the Fashion Network, E!, and Style Haul. Created top viewed style shows on YouTube. Former producer/content creator for the number one style channel on YouTube Style Haul. Created campaigns for major brands like Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Steve Madden, Kitson, Betsey Johnson and more.

Cyndi Ramirez

The Creative Co-Pilot

The epitome of a do-it-all creative hybrid, Cyndi serves as The Style Club's creative consultant where she oversees many branding and marketing tasks. She's also the founder of editorial website, Taste The Style, and previously worked as the Brand Director of fashion-tech consultancy, Third Wave Fashion. She likes to eat a lot and has a deep obsession with Snapchat.


The Photog-in-Chief

Jack of all trades and head photographer of The Style Club, Chelsea was born and raised in Los Angeles and specializes in lifestyle photography and finding the beauty in everything.

Paige Hogan

The Graphic Girl

Putting visual ideas in to play, Paige creates the graphics that bring The Style Club to life; both on and offine. Building a career as bespoke designer, she specializes in branding, marketing and editorial design.

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